Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grazing Season

The cows jumped the fence this weekend.

I drove back from a weekend in Boston and saw the cows out on pasture. They aren't scheduled to go out for another week or so, so I was a bit curious. Turns out every last one of them, at 9 pm on Saturday night, hopped over the fence from their dank, muddy, manure heavy winter housing. They saw the grass getting greener by the day, and decided it was time. Luckily, we had already set up the fencing for their first paddock, so it was easy for the folks on weekend chores to herd them into there.

Still, Olivier wasn't planning to put them out for another week at least, so it throws a definite kink in our grazing plan.

This is the kind of thing that happens on a farm. Cows know springtime even more intimately than we do, and they make their own decisions.


KateS said...

Cool. I'd have liked to see the jumping part. :-) Hope it's not too hard to redo your grazing schedule.

Laura Olive said...

no, luckily we were pretty much ready. the funny part is that yesterday morning they broke out of the pasture and walked back to their winter home. very silly creatures. we put them back yesterday afternoon, hopefully once and for all. :)