Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Million Things I Love

Last summer, I made the somewhat rash announcement that I could name one million things I love. My housemates thought this was an impossible feat. I decided to find out. The point, I realized, is not to write down one million things I love, but to revel in detail. It is an exercise in paying very close attention. So here they are, numbers 1-25.

1. Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato
2. 100 Years of Solitude
3. apples and honey
4. ekutus (Ghanaian oranges)
5. really good roast chicken with garlic and herbs
6. jars of home-canned tomato sauce on wooden pantry shelves
7. baked onion and cheese soup
8. Ave Verum Corpus
9. yellow onions in the sunlight
10. fresh sage
11. sunlight on wooden floors
12. a pot of Russian caravan tea in the late afternoon
13. hard cold October rain
14. apple cider
15. the first planting of the season, and the sweet soreness in my muscles afterward
16. drinking beer and listening to the Red Sox on the porch in early summer
17. fresh black ink drying on white paper
18. The Old Man and the Sea
19. homemade pumpkin butter
20. the cottonwood tree at Knoll Farm
21. roasted red peppers
22. cumin
23. fresh-caught grilled bluefish
24. A Moveable Feast
25. napping in the sun in early spring

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